I Am Excited Your Candidate Lost the Election!

Alex Mnatsakanov
3 min readNov 7, 2020
Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash

So your candidate lost?

I’d like to say I’m sorry about that, but that would be lying. I know lying is big for your candidate, but it’s wrong. I am not sorry he lost. In fact, I’m relieved he lost. Even more, I’m excited he lost!

I’m excited to see a new Secretary of Education who is not a corrupt, anti-public education hack and who won’t try to cut funding to Special Olympics.

I’m excited to see a new Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, who is not hell bent on destroying the environment.

I’m excited to see a new Secretary of State, who is not corrupt, takes diplomacy and allies seriously and is not “otherwise known as the international man of catastrophe”.

I’m excited to see a new Secretary of Commerce who hasn’t been subject to lawsuits and SEC fines, and hasn’t participated in shady business dealings.

I’m excited to see a new Secretary of Health and Human Services who doesn’t take health of all Americans for granted, and acts with urgency and empathy, even if it goes against a demand of the President.

I’m excited for a new Secretary of Transportation who is not corrupt.

I’m excited for a new Secretary of Veterans Affairs who won’t treat our veterans like guinea pigs.

I’m excited to see a new Vice President who doesn’t support anti-gay legislation, who doesn’t believe homosexuality is a choice, who doesn’t fail at leading a task force tackling a raging pandemic and who my daughter can look up to as a role-model.

And most of all, I’m excited to see a new President. A President who will spend his time governing, and not tweeting. A President who will debate his opponents with respect, and not get into name-calling. A President who will not demean people for any reason. A President who doesn’t insult veterans, but honors them. A President who understands that USA needs its allies around the world. A President who respects other countries, leaders and cultures, but doesn’t bend over for authoritarian regimes, dictators and despots. A President who cares about people of all walks of life, races, religions, sexual orientations. A President who has a sense of empathy, and thinks about those who are less fortunate. A President who doesn’t tear gas his own people. A President who supports the right to protest and also supports police, while understanding the need for the necessary reforms. And finally, a President who believes truth matter, facts matter, and lying is not normal.

Photo from joebiden.com

I am excited!



Alex Mnatsakanov

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